We’re Eight!

eight cakeBreak out the birthday candles!

The Word Nerds are eight today!

We’ve survived a transition from blogspot to wordpress. When we started in 2005, it was just one writer, there are three of us now that General Grammar stops by every first and third Wednesdays.

I’m pretty sure when I (Bethany) actually turned 8, I got the board game PayDay as a gift. Our eighth blog anniversary might not bring us any real present (and we get real bills in the mail now) but we’re marking it anyway.

To celebrate, we’ve culled the archives for some of our favorite interviews, guest posts, review of books we still love and a few of our most popular posts (some of these links take you back to the old blogspot site… FYI).

Author Answers with Janet Evanovich

Sonnets, Sardines and Community

How do you pronounce Karamazov?

Fifty Shades of Censorship

Book Banter:  Lean In

Sherlock v. Sherlock

Turning eight is significant, and not just to the ones who no longer say 7 and one-half.  In 2005, when the blog was first gaining momentum, the world was a bit different. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was the number one book and J.K. Rowling was tormenting us with the delays on the finale. George Lucas finally revealed how Anakin became Darth Vadar in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

The Word Nerds are still plotting their way to great endings and we appreciate all of you that have been with us.  Here’s to the next eight years.


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