Right Brain or Left Brain?

I will never get over my fascination with personalities tests like the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test, DiSC model or simple tests like ones that determine if you are right brained or left brained.

This test from Sommer+Sommer is fascinating to me.  I’ve taken it twice, once at home and once at work.

Both times I took the quiz, I was congratulated on my ability to use the sides of my brain equally.  At work, I am slightly more left-brained, at a 53% reliance on my left side.  I boasted about the results to my husband who laughed at me; he is convinced that I’m more right brained than left brained.  Even though I captured a screen shot that proved my results, he said it was rigged.

I protested his response.  I often don’t get jokes or understand why people are laughing at something I said.  I was regularly accused by last boss of being the most organized person he knew – so much so that he was slightly disgusted by it.  Being organized is something that I find to be a natural talent.  Obviously, my husband was mistaken.

And then I took the same test at home.  My reactions were different!  The first test is an optical illusion of a spinning girl.  I know she was spinning counter-clockwise when I took the test at work (on a break! I swear!) but for the life of me, she was spinning clock-wise at home.

Crossing my hands?  Yep, different in each location.  Other questions produced the same results at both locations.

Notice that my split was 47/53 at home and 53/47 at work.  It’s built into every model that people will lean a direction that others take up.  In my current work role, I’m expected to be fairly organized and set-up processes yet, the method of doing so is left open.

I like to create order out of chaos, yet if something is too organized, I find that I take it apart and rebuild it.  At home, I feel as though the fight against chaos is too great and I am merely pulled along for the ride.

After some discussion, the husband agreed with me that I am a very organized person — to other people.  He however, gets to see the me behind closed doors.  It’s our secret.

One thought on “Right Brain or Left Brain?

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    When I followed the test directions, I came out 2/3rd Right Brained. I actually think I’m fairly even, but try as I might, I could not get my brain to think that dancer is spinning counter-clockwise.

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