Book Banter: One & Only by Viv Daniels

Title: One & Only18392843
Author: Viv Daniels
Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: 264
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  Review copy from the author

Plot Basics:  Tess McMann is a nerdy science girl with a bright future.  The one thing holding her back are the secrets she and her mother are supposed to keep.  Her talent lands her a space at a prestigious summer science program and in the path of Dylan Kingsley – an equally nerdy science boy.  Tess’ secrets drive them apart at the end of the summer.  Two years later, a college transfer brings them together again.  Tess chafes under the secrets.  It’s their journey that drives the story in the start of this New Adult series.

Banter Points:  This is my first foray into the world of New Adult and I thought it was a good read.  I’ve heard the category described as YA with “sexytime” which was an apt descriptor for this title.  As a former Sweet Valley High reader, this category bridged the gap between the innocence those early titles and the full blown bodice rippers.

Tess as a smart girl was really good to see too.  Too often, heroines are the victims of their circumstances.  Tess questions the status quo of the role she’s been assigned and finds it lacking.  The hurdles and obstacles she faces are fairly realistic and not easily overcome.  She is a persistent and while eventually she does get what she wants, it takes her a while and the overall outcome leaves conflict for the next installment.

Bummer points:  The secrets are known from the first page – or book description – and I deliberately avoided them until now because the premise is my bummer point:  Tess is an illegitimate child to a prominent business man.  While I have sympathy for the situation that she is in, the reality of how it was built felt wrong to me.  Families today are much more diverse and I felt that the typical reader wouldn’t relate to the secretiveness needed for the situation.  I don’t think it was on the scale of a governor with an illegitimate child, but I could be wrong.

Recommendation:  It was a good way to learn about the category and I’d definitely recommend it to a reader looking for something in between Sweet Valley High and traditional romance novels.

Bonus: Stop by tomorrow for a guest post from Viv and a chance to win a swag pack of New Adult books!


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