Murder and Mayhem recap

The Word Nerds had a great time at Murder and Mayhem in Muskego.

This year, we actually remembered to get some photos to prove that we were there!

Like this one, with Hilary Davidson before the Friday night panel:

With Hilary Davidson

And then here we are again on Saturday morning before the panels began:

nerds muskego 2

The first session of the morning was a retired police chief sharing about investigative techniques, what’s true and fake on CSI and some funny stories of stupid criminals. He started his talk with an exercise where he put a paragraph of text on a Power Point slide and gave us 15 seconds to count the number of letter “i” in the passage. Fifteen seconds is not very long time. He said anyone who can get over 20 has the kind of eye he wants in a detective. This Nerd got 22…

The panels with authors were all great. Good discussions of character motivations, setting and place as vibrant characters, moving cross-genres and again, more laughter.

muskego panel with kate

From listening to the authors, we both were reminded of things that will help our current writing efforts.

Perhaps most encouraging to me is that William Kent Krueger shared that he wrote daily at 6 a.m. for 20 years before he got published. At first, that thought was discouraging, realizing I’ve got years of this habit to go perhaps. But then, I realized it meant that this time and this practice is worthwhile. Maybe I won’t get a book published in the next year or next five years even. But this work and this habit I keep matters.

The Muskego weekend is generally the only time the Nerds see each other in person through the year as well, so there was plenty of gabbing about life when were in the car or at dinner or in our hotel room.

We’ve got more interviews coming with some of the authors who were there and we’re already counting down to Muskego 2014.


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