Mini Review: Reacher 10-12

If you’d like to get caught up on my mini-reviews, here’s Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

#10 – The Hard Way:  Reacher is approached and caught up in a kidnapping situation where the answers are less than clear.  The lines between good guys and bad guys aren’t obvious either.  I really wonder how Child plots.  Does he start at the end, and work backwards to the beginning?  By the end it seems so logical how all of the pieces fall, yet, it never seems apparent to me either.  Of course, I don’t spend much time trying to figure it out either, and am along for the ride.

#11 – Bad Luck and Trouble:  So far, this is my favorite book.  I love seeing Reacher among people who know him, are like him, and work well with him.  I also liked the look at mortality that the book takes.  Reacher is aging in the story, and some of the hurdles have to do with that fact.  He is also sort of in modern times and actually has photo identification – albeit expired photo id.  I liked seeing Frances Neagley again.  She’s an intriguing character and I hope she shows up again.

#12 – Nothing to Lose:  A pair of towns determine Reacher’s next adventure – Hope and Despair.  More than just a metaphor, these towns are literally within miles of each other and symbolize the emotions behind their names.  This is the first time I’ve finished a Reacher novel and thought, ech, it could have been better.  I didnt’ find Reacher’s motivation convincing in this title.  He explains it several times and everyone’s fictional reaction is similiar to mine, but they go along with it anyway.  The ending sort of redeemed itself, but just barely.

It is novel #12, people, and the first I’ve considered a dud.  It’s not series wrecking by any means.

I’m reasonably certain that I bypassed Bethany now in reading the series.  Since she was one of the people that insisted recommended I read them, I owe her a big thanks.

I’ll try not to issue any plot spoilers as I continue my reviews.  But no promises 🙂

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