Legos for Productivity

I adore Legos.  They were probably my favorite toy from my childhood.  I can remember spending countless hours building houses, villages, cars, stories, anything and everything with Legos.  Even when we didn’t play Legos, we used them to build stuff for other toys.  Ponies were kept behind Lego fences.  Barbies had furniture made from Legos.

I kept my Legos from my childhood and passed them onto my boys when the time was right.  Between Christmas and birthday gifts, the Lego collection has grown from one small Lego suitcase into a quantity that is measured in gallons and compelled me to teach the boys the meaning of the word ubiquitous.

Which brings me to the brilliant idea of the Year – A Productivity Calendar that is measured by Lego blocks:

The lego calendar is a wall mounted time planner that we invented for our studio.  It’s make entirely of lego, but if you take a photo of it with a smartphone all of the events and timings will be magically synchronised to an online, digital calendar.  It makes the most of the tangibility for physical objects, and the ubiquity of digital platforms, and it’s also puts a smile on our faces when we use it!

I love that they thought of these things and I highly recommend a visit their site for details of the requirements as well as the video explaining it all:

  • It had to be big and visible
  • It had to be tactile
  • It had to work both online and offline
  • It had to be flexible
  • It had to look neat and tidy
  • Secure

I have no idea what they make or what they do.  But they are brilliant in my book and I’m hiring them the moment I can identify a need.

Perhaps a calendar of my own.



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