Changes at Home

Working closer to home not only impacted my visits to the local Kwik Trip station, it also impacted how time is processed in my house.

Let me explain.

In the morning, the hubby has responsibility to get the kids up, cleaned, dressed, fed and off to school.  I leave before they get up and practice “Quiet preparation” habits.  Meaning, I get myself up, exercised, cleaned, dressed, fed and off to work as quietly as possible.  The lag between my former leaving time and hubby’s get-up time was about 2 hours.

Not so good when the new leave time is about an hour after the former time.  It has meant that the hubby has woken up a bit late.

Sorry about that, dear, however, this is an ideal situation for an alarm clock.

The second change is one that I anticipated, but really need find quite novel:  Time in the evening.  Supper, dishes, minor cleaning, homework, a load of laundry and other such household chores are completed and I still have time to read? Or watch TV? Or work on a project or two?  Heaven!

It’s the sort of thing that I really wanted to have with the change in jobs.  I do have some activities coming up that will more than make up for the differences.

Until then, I will enjoy the extra hours in my day and pretend that I am time travelling.


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