Dear John Letters

On Monday, I started a new job!  A huge factor was the commute that I had prior and the amount of time that it meant I spent away from my family.  As I finalized details, however, I realized, that another impact could be had – the gas budget.  As such, I figured I’d better explain what was going on to my favorite Kwik Trip Store:

Dear Kwik Trip in Neenah,

It’s never easy to start a letter like this.  I don’t want to shame what we have or all that you’ve been to me with empty phrases like, “It’s not you, it’s me” or “You’ve grown in ways that I will not.”

But there’s no easy way to break this to you.

Our relationship has to end.  I find myself slipping into your doors every three or four days.  Maybe five, when I’ve timed my trips well.  It’s just too much.  Too tantalizing to pick-up bananas (only 38 cents a pound!) or grab lunch.  Or a coffee.

My needs have changed.  I no longer work 50.2 miles from my house.  I found an opportunity that is a mere 15.6 miles away.  It’s a difference of 34.6 miles.  One way.  Every day.  It’s 346 miles less per week.  It’s 1,384 a month, if it’s a four week month or 1,730 if it is a five week month because those happen to us as well. It’s 17,992 miles per year that my car no longer needs to suffer.  Its life span has improved dramatically.

And the money! Oh, the US dependency on foreign oil! I know, you abhor politics.  I’ll try to refrain.  But there’s a cost there too.  One that is beyond my simple calculations.

It wasn’t an easy decision.  And I will still need you.  Just not at much.  Perhaps every three weeks.  Or 1-2 a month.  It will still be every 420 miles, I promise, but I’ll need 14 days to get through those 420 miles now.

I will always treasure the donuts oh so conveniently place next to the register for me. The tempting banana bread. A package if cookies, only 3 for $1.  I won’t forget how you were always there for me when I forgot my lunch, or just didn’t have time for the grocery store.

And then, there were the days when I needed chili. And you where there for me with delicious options like pepper jack cheese and crackers.

It pains me. But I know it’s the right thing to do.
And really, it’s not you. It is me.
I’ll treasure the memories.
Forever yours, Stacie

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