Bibliometer: September 2013

The reading is such that I know I can’t finish a book today on the last day of the month, so I crunched the numbers early.

September’s stats are:

10 books

2248 total pages, 1 audio book


81 total books

19,025 total pages

Year-over-year, at the end of September 2012, I’d read only 71 books and 18,181 pages. I apparently was reading a few longer things last year to boost the page count. There haven’t been an inordinate number of graphic novels in my total for this year (maybe one a month) but I’m reading pretty consistently in 350-page book range. Looking back at last year’s list, there were several more 500+ page titles.

I’m happy with my reading progress this year and still expect to break the 100 book mark this year. I’m also closing in 1,000 book on my “Books I’ve Read” master list. If all goes well, I’ll cross both those marks in December.

On deck for me next are the following:

A Long Way Down, Nick Hornby (Oct. book club selection)

The Cleveland Connection, Les Roberts


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