Mini Review: Reacher #1-4

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been playing catch-up on a couple of series. And while I’m loving what I’m reading, full Book Banters feel like they are full of plot spoilers or way behind the times, especially in the case of the Reacher Series by Lee Child. Instead, the Word Nerds are going to introduce a new kind of Book Banter – the three book review. We’ll use this format show case books that have common themes or interesting points that justify pointing them out to our readers, but not necessarily a full review.

I’ve been playing catch-up with the Jack Reacher series in part because I hear great things about them from people who swear that they won’t be my friend until I read them. And since I trust their judgment AND would like for them to continue to be my friend, I’m getting caught up.

#1 – The Killing Floor: Skipped this one because the hold list at the library was massive! I did put my name on the list so that eventually I can read it. Bethany read this one back in 2008, so if you want to read a review, check out this old post.

#2 – Die Trying: If I ever have the misfortune of being kidnapped, I really hope someone as competent as Reacher is right there. Man, I knew that one of the qualities of the guy was that trouble seems to find him – always. But the series of event that he gets caught up in? Crazy! I did break a cardinal rule of mine and have watched the movie. The lack of emotion definitely comes through in the novel too. And I will never, ever, ever think of Reacher as anything other than the mental picture I now have.

#3 – Tripwire: I like the idea of trouble finding Reacher this time because he broke one of his own rules and stayed in one spot for too long. It builds part of the character that he needs to develop so that the “rules” make sense. As the mother of someone who is a rule follower, I can see how this can be a benefit and a curse. I like too how it led Reacher back to his roots. As a third in a series, those threads and ties are important to keep him real, especially when the story line becomes incredulous. After all, does anyone really have that much trouble?

#4 – Running Blind: The answers for this one strained the credibility, in my opinion. I don’t want to give anything away, but the resolution seemed somewhat implausible to me. However, I’m definitely in favor of putting Reacher in a crazy spot, adding a beautiful woman and trouble just to see what happens. It is fiction after all, and I’m willing to set aside the personal disbelief I have because of that fact. Just don’t expect me to be that gullible in real life.

I’m slowly (okay, quickly) falling for Reacher.  Just like every other woman that has read the books.  There is definitely a place for him in the fictional characters top five list.


5 thoughts on “Mini Review: Reacher #1-4

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