About a week ago, or so, I first became aware of the word “twerk” when I started seeing headlines about its acceptance into the Oxford English Dictionary. I chuckled lightly to myself, expecting the OED to chalk up some publicity points and move on.

Not so much.

Instead, twerk is showing up everywhere I look. I saw it in a billboard, actually, driving home from work late last week. It’s in stories and headlines and well, everywhere. What the heck? How did I completely miss the starting of the usage of this word?

The rumors were circling and I definitely knew it had something to do with a pop singer named Miley Cyrus, someone I seldom stay in the loop on. Ah, that explains the sudden rise in popularity if the word’s usage.

I have in and googled it.

I may not have been aware of the name for the described action, but yes. I knew what twerking was.

And I don’t believe that it made my life any better to have it in the OED or have the large attention drawing mess that it has become. Instead, I filed it away, just like I did “my bad” and “the bomb.”


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