Three Things Thursday

gone girl1. Gone Girl

finally read this notable 2012 title. My first reaction is why did I wait so long. My second reaction was that I have awesome reader friends and colleagues and people on Twitter who managed to be enthusiastic about the book and not give away the twists. In this age of spoilers, to not know the twists, both big or small, was a treat. I mean, I knew about the end of the latest Downtown Abbey season before I watched the last episode because Twitter ruined it before I could watch. That nobody in my circle spoiled the end of Gone Girl in more than a year I think speaks to how special this book is. You just can’t spoil the delicious twists for anyone because that moment of discovery as a reader is what thrills us to pick up books.

2. The Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award Blognew IAA logo

For the day job, I get to line up a series of guest posts for the Indiana Authors Award blog, not unlike the Author Answers/Varied Voices posts from the Word Nerds. Every Tuesday there’s a new post there. I’d encourage you to check them out, not just because I’m trying to drive up the web traffic there (though that’s a nice perk) but because there are some pretty nifty people sharing some fun thoughts. We’ve got a posts ranging from “How to Shop for Books” written by an independent bookseller to a publisher writing about the the value of reading outside your favorite genres to this year’s winners and finalists and more.

MMM_Logo13. Murder and Mayhem in Muskego

I’m not sure if my boss reads my blog, but if she does, this a big public thank you to her. For about 30 horrible minutes Tuesday, I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to Murder and Mayhem. I’ve had M&MinM on my calendar since I left the event last year. It’s my yearly chance now to hang with Stacie, my blog-partner extraordinaire. The scheduling flub-up was totally my fault in not asking the right questions in the new job. On top of that, Monday had left me drained for lots of reasons and this revelation had me *this close* to tears in my office.

But, she agreed to swap and I’ll work an extra event in 2014 in exchange and avoid double-booking around M&MinM 2014 time. So, I’ll be there. If you’re there, say hello.


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