It’s Friday!

And summer is almost over (boo!)

Here at the Word Nerds, we believe in playing just as hard as we work.  To help that along, here’s 5 websites you should visit today and spend some quality time regenerating your creative juices — just don’t get caught by the boss.

  1. Here is Today:  I love how this timeline will put your day in perspective.  For those that do not support the views of Darwin, careful usage of “back” are required.
  2. The Thoughts Room:  You literally watch your thoughts fall away.  It’s best experienced and not explained.  (I bookmarked this one for later, quite honestly.)
  3. Picasso Head:  Assemble your co workers as you see them!  Wait, that’s not nice.  Oh well, it’s Friday!
  4. Drawminos:  What is it about watching dominoes falling makes me smile?  If you really want to waste some time, create your own and send us a link in the comments.
  5. I like you!:  If your week has been less then stellar, this little guy will give you a boost.

Have a great one!



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