Library savings


I always knew that I would go broke if I bought all the items I borrowed from the library.

For the day job, I found this great calculator on the Poseyville Carnegie Public Library’s website that lets you get a dollar value for your library loans.

Using the library for books (both print and digital), CDs, movies, audiobooks (both physical and digital) saves me $371.55 every month.

That’s $4458.60 per year. 

While I’ve always loved the library, I’ve been an avid library user since 2003 (coincidence that this is when I finished graduate school? I think not…) So, in the past decade, that’s $44,586.

The truth is, I consume media far faster from the library than I would if I had to shell out money for all of it. I would never take a chance on so many CDs and I wouldn’t buy the DVDs of TV shows that I check out. And the reality is, I still buy some books, and some music and occasionally a DVD. A library doesn’t replace buying things, it augments it, or helps me make better choices because I’ve previewed a material first.

I’m a fundraiser for a library, so this where I pitch making a donation to your library in appreciation for the value they provide for all of us bookworms. I can’t help it. I was a library donor before I became a library fundraiser (… gah, that sounds like the old Hair Club for Men commercials…)

Think about what you get from your library and what you’ve saved. If you’re like me, even before finding the calculator, you probably know that giving back a little won’t ever balance it out.


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One thought on “Library savings

  1. My local library — Oshkosh Public — posted one of these a while ago here. I check in at $196 a month saved or $2,352 annually. I’m a little bummed that my family of four gets half as much value as Bethany!

    On the other hand, I know what I pay in taxes each year and really like to think that my whole amount is allocated to the library 🙂

    Checking against Bethany’s calculator, I came up with $298.75 a month or $3,585.

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