Is My Nonfiction Goal Valid?

Every year I have a vague reading goal of “Read more non-fiction.”  I mean, I read close to 100 books per year.  I could spend of it on improving my  mind and reading non-fiction, I figure.Mouse can often be found with her nose in a book

Then, I found this on Fast Company:  A Leadership Book Author On Why You’re Better Off Reading Fiction For Lasting Lesson:  “Here’s the reality: For most people, leadership books, especially those of the mainstream, commercial variety, just don’t make much of a lasting impact.”

Wait a minute, what?

Craig Chappelow goes on to explain that most learning comes from some sort of on the job experience:  “Enduring hardships, tackling challenging assignments, and being exposed to effective coaches and mentors make much more of a difference than reading leadership books.”

Great.  So, all of those people that told me that it would do me no good to have my nose stuck in a book all day were right.

Darn it.

The author does go on to say this as well:  “But this isn’t to say you can’t gain valuable leadership lessons from reading. You just need to pick the right genres. For my part, I’ll choose novels any day. I remember reading One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest in high school, totally absorbed by the ruthless, authoritarian leadership of Nurse Ratched and the populist appeal of the rebellious Randle McMurphy and his ability to influence the other inmates.”

I’ll take that point away from the article too.  And maybe forget about the other one 🙂


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