Vacation Reading

Before going on vacation last week, I armed myself with more titles that I figured I could read, and set off for the GrC201106-Summer-Escapes-White-Birch-Lodge-piereat North.  My plans included reading, running and spending time with family.

I definitely accomplished all three.  Now, it’s back to reality of work, laundry, errands and other miscellaneous things that eat up our time as adults.

But!  I thought it would be worth while to share that reading-wise, I topped out at 9 books for the week, or 3,267 pages.  July 2013 will be a great reading month for me.

I mainly read Sookie Stackhouse and Jack Reacher books.  Actually, that’s all that I read.  Both were fabulous.  Both left me wanting more and hoping for the next entries from the library are quick to arrive.

I didn’t get to 8 other books that I brought along.  So I’ll finish up those before heading back to Sookie and Reacher.

Now, there’s a plot!


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