Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

Every Tuesday, the Broke and the Bookish have a fun reading list opportunity.  This Tuesday is the top 10 authors that deserve more recognition.  Who doesn’t have a list of authors that make you squeal and leaves everyone else going huh?  They definitely deserve more recognition.  Thank, The Broke and Bookish, for giving them just that.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

Gail Carson Levine:  I love these fairy tales and feel like the moms I know are missing out on recommending them to their daughters.

Gail Carriger:  The Parasol Protectorate is my very favorite steampunk.  I cannot stop recommending these and have yet to run across anyone else who has heard of them.

Shea MacLeod:  I liked these because it was the opposite of vampires – sun walkers.  It was a great twist on an old story.  And I’m pretty sure she is a success story from the self publishing world.  Loved that (even if it wasn’t true.)

Stacia Kane:  These post-apocalypse books that let the dead rise and put the Church in charge are some seriously good reading.  It isn’t for everyone but if you like dark, gritty fantasy with broken heroines and heroes, this series will work for you.

Jennifer Pharr Davis:  A non-fiction writer that appears to be an amazing runner at first glance that really is an amazingly strong woman.  I hope I can be like her when I grow-up.

Jennifer Estep:  I loved the Elemental Assassin Series.  The world was fascinating and I really wish that she’d set another series in it.

Tamora Pierce:  the creator of the She-ro, Tamora’s books feature strong female characters for readers of all ages.  These are a go-to for teen and pre-teen readers.  Some of the titles are definitely at the adult reading level, because of theme or topic, never because of language or sex.

Christopher Priest:  I loved the movie, and the book was even better – how often does that happen?  Check out The Prestige in either format and see what I mean.

Shanna Swendson:  Shanna has a delightful series where the fantastical live among us, and the reason we don’t know is that we are under a magic spell.  Except her main character isn’t and her immunity makes her valuable in unusual ways.

Okay, so many some of these are well known.  After all, there are some NYT best sellers on the list.  When I think of authors that are widely known, I think of books that non-readers recognize, aka, the Harry Potter Effect.  I don’t think any of these hit that level of fame, yet they definitely hold the same level of love and entertainment in my mind.  They deserve the recognition of Harry Potter proportions.


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