ALA Recap

ala 2913A week ago, I was leaving the American Library Association annual conference in Chicago after 3.5 amazing days.

It’s been a sum total of 5 months and one week that I’ve been doing this library fundraising thing and I was thrilled to have the chance to go.

There’s not really a way to sum up all the sessions, but here are some main takeaways about libraries in general:

1. Libraries aren’t dead. We need to revise how we talk about them, and how we design them and arrange the things inside them, but we’ve done that with a lot of other organizations too.

2. Libraries aren’t dead and may have a role to play in helping good quality self-published writing get noticed if we looked at how we brand our reach to the publishing world.

3. Libraries aren’t dead and it’s amazing to seen 25K+ people who are librarians in schools, universities, museums and public libraries come together for a conference to remember why books are amazing and why libraries matter for early literacy, community history, research and more.

4. Libraries aren’t dead and should be the hub and safe place for those in Makerspaces or Hackspaces to figure out solutions to digital privacy and protection in this age of great data collection.

Notice a theme? Yeah, me too. I knew I believed that libraries aren’t dead, but it’s nice to have more full thoughts to put with that idea. I’ve got more posts from specific sessions that were also more related to books and especially genre fiction.

Also, there was a massive exhibit hall for library vendors and publishers. The publishers either handed out or sold for very low prices a massive quantity of books and gobs of authors were on hand to sign. I had to not run around from signing to signing as Word Nerd because I was there for work, but I still left with a stack of books and you’ll see guest posts and author interviews from some of these folks post in the coming weeks. (It’s called multi-tasking, folks.)

These titles will get shuffled into the Eight-Up TBR list but here’s the run-down of the books I picked up:

  • You Killed Wesley Payne, Sean Beaudoin
  • Wise Young Fool (ARC), Sean Beaudoin
  • The Paris Architect (ARC), Charles Belfoure
  • The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns, Margaret Dilloway
  • The Butterfly Sister (ARC), Amy Gail Hansen
  • Kill City Blues (ARC), Richard Kadrey
  • The Curiosity, Stephen P. Kiernan
  • And When She Was Good, Laura Lippman
  • Catena (ARC), Armen Melikian
  • Blood of Tyrants (ARC), Naomi Novik
  • Operator, David Vinjamuri

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