Data Alert: Reading Stats for the Mid Year

July is always a great time to check in on the overall progress for a variety of things, including reading goals.

For the record, my reading goal for the year is (almost) always to top 100 books.  I’m behind this year, which is pretty typical.  I haven’t topped 100 books since 2009.  I may get there this year:

  • YTD:  42 books (but one of them is a 5 in one title.  I’m waiting to see how that plays out in my favor)
  • Pages to data:  15,413 (which is 45% of the pages I read in 2009)
  • Average pages per book:  367 (which is about trade paperback length)

I have a week vacation in July.  I probably will get back on track after that.  Or not.  It depends on how much vacationing I do.

How are your reading goals going?


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