Misc notes for Friday

It’s Friday! And thinking through the week has left me with the following ransom thoughts:

Number One: I have so much catching up to do in many ways. My childhood lacked in the proper influences to develop a eclectic knowledge required to be a proper geek. Shows like Star Trek and Dr. Who weren’t a regular part of my childhood. So, I’m catching up now and ensuring that the next generation has that opportunity. The 9yo and I are hosting Dr. Who marathons in Monday and Thursday nights. See you there

Number Two: I thought that being done with school would translate into more book reading. Instead, I’m finding that I neglected too many things. The amount of catch-up is astonishing. The beauty is, if I haven’t done it in the last three or four years, I probably can skip it.


Number Three: Today is the last day of week three for summer. That calculates into 25% of summer. Seriously, time needs to slow down.

Number Four: I have to go through the TBR pile again. There is an over abundance of titles on it again.

Number Five: Really, it’s Friday. Finish up work and get home! Enjoy whatever the weekend brings you!


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