The Goal, the Words, the Reward

Happy Tuesday — it’s Bethany.

Yesterday morning, I didn’t have anything left for a blog was probably more grateful for having Stacie on board as my blog partner than maybe ever before.

Why? Let me give you 7,351 reasons why. Or 21 pages.

Between 7 a.m. Saturday morning and 12:30 p.m. Sunday, that’s my total word/page count for those 29-some hours. Two of those words are “THE END.”

That right — this as-yet-untitled novel draft is done because I said I’d finish the draft by the end of June. It’s very rough. It’s too long and I know of at least one scene that will get entirely axed. Other sections will need some serious work. But it’s done.

And let me say, for anyone who thinks writing is a hobby or a frivolity, it’s work. Those 7,000 words equaled almost eight hours in a chair. The desk chair. A library chair. A dining room chair. The desk chair again. It’s the end of the book, the tension’s high. The stakes are high. If I don’t feel it in the work of writing, I’m pretty convinced I’m doing it wrong. (Tell me somebody else has had that experience of feeling exhausted from reading because the characters have to do impossible things… I know… the Greeks called this catharsis).

Monday morning, I was still back in the chair at 6 a.m. to write one previous scene I’d skipped. I didn’t make much progress, but I got over the first hurdle in the scene and that’s something.

Even without this scene, I’m declaring that I reached my June goal of finishing the draft.

much adoIn addition to needing to meet the goal I’d set for myself, I added an extra weekend-only deadline. Sunday afternoon’s 1:30 p.m. showing of the new black-and-white version of “Much Ado About Nothing” from Joss Whedon.

I wrote “THE END” at 12:10ish, ate some cheese and a pear and called it lunch, and then headed to the movie for popcorn and a hard-earned reward. (The film, BTW, is fantastic. If you like Shakespeare, it’s a must. If you like Joss Whedon’s work, it’s a must. And if you want a smart film that will make you laugh, it’s a must.)

This week is hammering out that missing scene and then, thanks to reading pages from a crit group member, getting my brain into editing mode. Guess what I’ll be doing in July.


Unrelated, in my day job, I get to be part of the staff for the Indiana Authors Award. I don’t get to pick the winners, our awesome panel does that. BUT — I get to give stuff away. Like books. Check out our June Giveaway for a great book prize pack. Sign up for the email newsletter because we’re going to be announcing the 2013 winners and finalists soon and you’ll want to put those titles on your TBR list.

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