Essential for the Creative Process

Whoa it’s Monday, and it’s a Stacie post. I (that would be Bethany) will explain the switch tomorrow!

I find certain things essential to the creative process:

  • Write regularly.  It’s a good habit to have a daily word goal and stick to it.  The practice of “butt in chair” is the only thing that ends up with pages that can be eda. Iiting.
  • Music.  It’s a great way to set the mood for writing, block out distractions and focus on the work at hand.
  • News sources.  Well, maybe not traditional news sources, but there are several websites that I love to read every day to keep the idea mill going.
    •  Run by Jason Kottke, the site is full of links to interesting articles, ideas and breaking news.
    •  Digg is a multi-person team whose goal is to deliver the most talked about internet articles.
    • Fast Company:  An extension of the print magazine, Fast Company has thought leaders and business implications and as well as articles about how the world is changing.

I need to add TED Talks.  Most of them I’ve heard about are videos, and I’m more of a reader, so the medium hurdle is preventing me from getting there.

Some times, things I’ve read on one site will show up in another.  Other times, I find interesting ideas and think about how I could combine them into a plot.

How do you feed the creative spark?


One thought on “Essential for the Creative Process

  1. Sebastiene says:

    Thanks for listing those websites. I’m going to check them out. I know Digg, but have never visited the others.

    For writing, my 3 big things are: (which isn’t surprising considering the types of books I write), reading new books and articles on the craft of writing, and reading both good and bad novels.

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