How to write a novel

Mystery author Tom Schreck wrote this brilliant piece about how to write a novel for Crimespree Magazine.

Substitute his line about dogs with “trying to convince a geriatric cat that the canned cat food is what he wants to eat” and you’ve got a pretty good picture of how I spend 6 a.m.-7a.m. (or 7:10 either if I’ve been stuck or have gotten on a roll and am pretty sure I can get dressed for work without needing to iron something last minute) every weekday.

One thing I would add: stop when you know where you are. About every 750-some odd words in my WIP, there’s a phone call, the cop arrests someone, somebody’s getting punched or shot, a kiss is imminent — anything — that will let me pick up in the moment the next morning.

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One thought on “How to write a novel

  1. joeyrach says:

    Thanks for this! It gives me more motivation to let go of the “no time” excuse…

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