Life Gives you Lemons

imagesI can tell my creativity is replenishing.  I’ve had some really good email writing lately.  I’ve also had more than my share of silly ideas lately.  Here’s one of them.

There’s a internet posting that lists things that you can do when you are bored. One entry is wearing a shirt that says “Life” and stand on a corner, handing out lemons.

I started to wonder if I could talk Bethany into do that.  What would it be like?  We might video each other – or enlist the help of a third friend.  An upload to YouTube and we might be win the Internet popularity contest of the week.

The fun part is really what would be people’s reactions be.  Some people would ignore us.  We could acquiesce and hand it to the next person.  I could chase them down and force them to take it.  Others would probably accept and keep going.  Some may join us.

What kind of fun could you have though?  I mean, Life literally handed you a lemon.  Help me out.  Post in the comments what you would do if someone handed you a lemon while wearing a shirt that says, “Hi, I’m Life.”


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