The End & Beginnings

Last night was my last night of classes.  I walked across the stage at UW-Oshkosh on May 11, 2013.

The era of school work is over.  As it ended, I was teased about when I was starting on my PhD (ummm…never.  I’m so not smart enough.)  I was asked what’s next (choosing an option is really hard.)  I was asked what it means to me to be done with school.

I have a paper to finish yet.  I’m fine with whatever grade I earn.  At this point, it can only move my GPA so far up or down.  I finally feel like I’m done with school.  I’ve always taken summers off from class and held off starting any major changes because I knew classes would start again at the end of August.  Being the over-preparer that I am, I often had books in mid-July and was already reading ahead so that I could prep for discussions.  Fortunately, my memory is good enough to do this.

I’m excited for the options that I see ahead.  I definitely feel better prepared to see the paths, the obstacles, the rewards.  The path getting here as been filled with the same.

My only regret is that not every graduate gets a video to commemorate their graduation the way I did.  I was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Graduate of the Year.  Part of the video was a message from my various supporters, reminding me of the battles fought.  Part of it was congratulating me the receipt.  Part of it was reminding me of what can be accomplished when you set out to achieve a goal.  My goal wasn’t winning the award (hard to do since I wasn’t aware of it until I was nominated); my goal was to finish.  Instead, I finished with gusto.

The Word Nerds are the type to go quietly about their business, reading books, posting reviews and finding clever book-ish sayings.  Behind the scenes we are committed to making a difference in our world.

Sometimes we receive the review stating how we have.

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